Report of Elephone P9000 Smartphone


Google’s Android 6.0
Beneficial display
Instant and cord-less charging


Finger marks sensor isn’t actually tried and tested
Snapper software must have efforts



The P9000 is the latest Android-OS-centered smart phone from Chinese maker Elephone, that is acquiring a superb credibility for its low priced yet happy mobile technology.

It ships with a 5.5-in. LG-crafted Liquid crystal screen, a real eight-core MediaTek chip set, 4GB of Random access memory, 32GB of in-built space for storage, high-speed charging, cordless charging, NFC feature, a Sony-made 13-megapixel snapper and a finger marks reader on the rear.

The Elephone also runs Android 6.0, the most up to date version of Google’s operating system. In spite of all these brilliant technical specs, it costs no more than $200.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Design and style AND BUILD Quality

Elephone’s past efforts have been just a little sporadic in regards to over-all build quality and design and style.

The Elephone M2 looked and felt like a premium cellular telephone but given middle-of-the-road performance, With the P9000, however, this company lastly has a tendency to have struck the best balance between ability and style.
The P9000 follows the actual tendency in the Android arena for metal-body phones, bragging a steel framework that’s supported by a plastic material panel.

About the sides of the smart phone one can find a understated chamfered effect, together with the standard control keys & inputs. On the right-hand area are positioned the power key and volume level , whereas on the opposite side there’s a control key which may be devised to be a one-tap shortcut to unwrap practically any application you choose. Handily, a long-touch of this control key also brings the device right into silent mode, not utterly unlike the “mute” key located on iPhone devices.

At the top of the handset there’s the prevalent 3.5mm headset port, while on the base you can get the reversible USB Type-C data and charging outlet – a future-proof thing which even the freshly presented Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t provide. Flanking this dock are a pair of grilles, one covering a speaker, yet another the in-call microphone.

Revolving the P9000 around unearths a plastic material back end cover, which offers a texture that takes some becoming accustomed to. It is just a matte-effect surface, which at first glance seems as if it should be very soft – but nonetheless , it isn’t; to express it as very fine-grain sandpaper may not be a million miles from the truth. I actually quite like it since it increases grip, but it also picks up marks and scratches a little too easily.

On the rear end you can find the Sony-made 21-mega-pixel camera – which has LED flash and laser auto-focus – and also the finger print scanner.
Dual-SIM option is a mainstream of the Chinese phone market place, and the P9000 provides support for a pair of micro-SIM cards.

In spite of this, in the event that you would rather extend your available storage you should utilize one of these SIM slots for a microSD card, accurately boosting the volume of available space for images, music along with other data.

Fingerprint scanners come to be moderately commonplace on low cost Android handsets – the Elephone Vowney & Elephone M2 both get one – however it’s evident that corporations for example Elephone are perhaps trying to apply the tech as basically as their bigger rivals.

The reader on the P9000 generally calls for a 2nd or even third tap to enroll your finger print then un-lock the cell phone, but at a minimum you can use it to rouse the phone even though the display is turned off. You could use it to confirm payment activity on the Google Play Store, with thanks to the fact that the device comes with Android 6.0 set up; when Android Pay gets to England, you’ll be able to team it up with the NFC chip to carry out contact-less payments in retailers.

ELEPHONE P9000 – Display

Elephone proudly claims that the P9000 has a 5.5″ Full HD, LG LTPS LCD on the phone’s Apple-like plastic-type packaging, and it has great reason to shout about it – this display is very fabulous, even by upper-tier standards.

Colours are rather punchy, contrast is fantastic and viewing angles are great. When the adaptive brightness configuration is empowered, things can get somewhat dark, however at mid-to-full illumination this display screen really sings. It’s simple to view in directly sunshine, too.
The manufacturer is usually enthusiastic to indicate that the phone has incredibly slender bezels – 1.6mm, in fact – on the left and right sides of the display, which be sure that it isn’t too big, for even a phablet-category mobile. It’s still rather large in the hands, but it undoubtedly feels easier to grasp than a few of its big-screen challengers. In actual fact, put beside the Galaxy S7 – which carries a 5.1-in. display screen – the P9000 is just a bit more taller.

Similar to earlier Elephone handsets, the P9000 comes with touchscreen gesture commands that enable you to begin software applications while the screen is turned off.

As an example, doing a trace for a “C” shape on the resting display will conveniently start up the snapper. These kinds of shortcuts are straightforward enough to memorise and have the potential to be extraordinarily effective – given you do not use any kind of screen-locking security measures. Doing this ensures that even when you enter the gesture, you are required to unlock your device to reach the smartphone app, what sort of trumps the objective. Yet, it’s sleek even so.

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