Nhận gia công, sản xuất mạch in PCB chất lượng cao với số lượng lớn.
Chi tiết liên hệ:
Điện thoại: 0902342559
Email: vietnampcb18@gmail.com
Website: http://vietnampcb.com
– Gia công mạch in PCB 1 lớp FR-1, FR-4, CEM, Phíp nhôm
– Gia công mạch in PCB 2 lớp CEM, FR-4
– Lắp ráp bảng mạch điện tử
– Sản xuất cuộn chặn, xuyến, transformer


Circuit Board maker in Vietnam

Corporation Summary

Started in the year 1995, Vector Fabrication has above 16 years experience of Circuit Board producing, serving different electronics markets across the globe. These include the consumer electronics, medical, telecommunications, automotive and aerospace industries.

Our highly skilled Circuit Board workmen, cutting-edge technology driven machines and equipment result in top quality products. All of these, combined with punctual delivery, are the formula for our superiority and triumph.

Certified by ISO 9001:2008, we believe that good and powerful quality management systems, along with our environmental commitment, will encourage the tremendous expansion of our enterprise.

These elements, as well as our large list of glad clients, make us one of the greatest Circuit Board shops in the field.

Get in Contact with Us

Viet Nam Manufacturing plant:
No. 15, Street 8, Viet Nam Singapore IP, Thuan An Town, Binh Duong, Vietnam
Telphone: (84) 650 3716008 Fax: (84) 650 3716009
Web site : http://vectorfab.vn

Quang Luong (President & CEO)

Quang Nguyen (General Manager)

USA Manufacturing plant:

1629 Watson Ct., Milpitas, CA 95035
Telphone: (408) 942 9800 Fax: (408) 942 9896

Isaac Stringer
(408) 942-9800

Kimberly Nguyen
(408) 942-9800

Trang Do

As per


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