High speed flying test machine min test speed is 2000-3000 dot is suitbale sample and small order qty test
3.probe tip fprice is 5g-10g
4.Test voltage 30V+500V or 1000V
5.Test current is 30MA-200MA
6.Continuity Test is 3ohm-280 ohm
7.Isolation test 5Mohm-250Mohm
8.Hiram Testing scrope is 0.1PF-10MF
the function is checking first board capacitor value and compare and test next board principle

Flying probe test systems are often used for only testing basic production, prototypes, and boards that present accessibility problems. Flying probe testing uses electro-mechanically controlled probes to access components on printed circuit assemblies (PCAs). Commonly used for test of analog components, analog signature analysis, and short/open circuits. They can be classified as in-circuit test (ICT) systems or as Manufacturing Defects Analyzers (MDAs). They provide an alternative to the bed-of-nails technique for contacting the components on printed circuit boards. The precision movement can probe points on PLCCs, SOICs, PGAs, SSOPs, QFPs and others, without any expensive fixturing or programming required.(Wikipedia)
Lower cost than Bed Of Nails, because no fixturing required
Fast time to first test, because of fast development cycle

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