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Quality Assurance SMT Manufacturing.

Digital Optical Comparator system for PCB-A Factory. The system photographs the the PCB components including the soldering of the components and compares it to a digital golden sample. By caparing the 2 it identifies incorrect component placments, missing components, missaligned components and even defective soldering. source

Electronic data aids inspection in PCB Assembly

Contract manufacturers create and store a lot of electronic information in the process of manufacturing printed circuit board assemblies. This video shows how that information can be leveraged to improve inspection and quality control throughout production. source

AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)-PCBA Quality Control-High Quality SMD Assembly China-SMT PCBA.mp4 Automated optical inspection (AOI) is an automated visual inspection of printed circuit board (PCB) (or LCD, transistor) manufacture where a camera autonomously scans the device under test for both catastrophic failure (e.g. missing component) and quality defects (e.g. fillet size or shape or component skew). It is commonly used in the manufacturing process because […]

SMT PCB flying test-SMT PCB Quality Control-Low Cost PCB Test.mp4 High speed flying test machine min test speed is 2000-3000 dot is suitbale sample and small order qty test 3.probe tip fprice is 5g-10g 4.Test voltage 30V+500V or 1000V 5.Test current is 30MA-200MA 6.Continuity Test is 3ohm-280 ohm 7.Isolation test 5Mohm-250Mohm 8.Hiram Testing scrope is 0.1PF-10MF the function is checking first board […]

Episode -10 PCB Assembly MaPS

MaPS is one of the unique and outstanding aspects that sets CogentTechnology apart when you are looking for PCB Assembly from a Contract Electronics Manufacturer. MaPS enables Cogent Technology unrivalled, centralised, monitoring and planning of its’ entire operations from end to end. Furthermore, dovetailed into this, MaPS provides Access to our QMS,change control, concession authority […]

How PCB is made?Printed circuit board manufacturing process

How PCB is made?Printed circuit board manufacturing process. How PCB is made ? Printed circuit board manufacturing process. High quality materials, modern technology, experience in the production of multilayers, and complex printed circuit boards establish partnerships in sectors like defense, security, medical, railways, telecommunications, control systems. SQP International is a Central Europe printed circuit board […]