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Work with Philips/NXP HITAG-2 family chip using RwProg (

Work with PCF7936 ,PCF7941,PCF7942, PCF7944, PCF7945, PCF7946, etc.. using RwProg source PCB Board Copy – 4 Causes Of Off-site Fabrication A great number of organizations will struggle throughout the design phase of printed circuit boards and bear excess costs and time delays in the process. In running a business it is wise to focus on […]

Saab 9-3 cleared transponder programming

No go on “cleared” transponders thus far. You can see the chip that was re soldered in to the key on top in this photo: source PCB Board Clone – 4 Causes Of Offsite Manufacturing A good number of enterprises will struggle through the design section of printed circuit boards and accumulate added fees […]

BALDERA ENGINEERING -“Fotocopia Caribeña” Delay ECHO Pedal Demo – Fender 5E3 + Strat

Fotocopia Caribeña (Analog Delay/Echo) The Baldera’s Delay “Fotocopia Caribeña” is based in a sound characteristics of the classic tape echo units. Our engineering Bring the direct path between your natural sound and the delayed signal with High Fidelity Mix Opamp. The MIX operation keep your Dry signal Tonality and Gain. Our Analog Delay has […]

EEVblog #174 – Renesas RX Design Contest Winners

Dave talks about the Top 3 winners in the Renesas RX Design Contest he was judging. Check out the winners HERE: source PWB Clone – Four Advantages For Offsite Fabricating Scores of firms will struggle throughout the design section of printed circuit boards and accumulate more expenses and time delays during this process. In […]

Noise Ensemble Octave down delay feedbacker wacko pedal Effect

Noise ensemble diy circuit with some light mods and a octave down switchable circuit for more fun. All handmade . poly caps, neutrik jacks, 1% metal resistors, my 4yr old kate’s custom paint work. this is played into a sparkling clean blackface type channel into a dirt amp its even cooler. I like to show […]

DEF CON 21 – Adam Laurie and Zac Franken – Decapping Chips the Easy Hard Way

Decapping Chips the Easy Hard Way ADAM “MAJOR MALFUNCTION” LAURIE CODE MONKEY, APERTURE LABS ZAC FRANKEN CHIP MONKEY, APERTURE LABS For some time it has been possible to discover the inner workings of microprocessors with the help of a microscope and some nasty chemicals such as fuming nitric acid. However, unless you have access to […]

EEVblog #672 – GoPro Hero 4 Silver Teardown

What’s inside the new GoPro Hero 4 Silver action camera? And how to open your GoPro Hero 4 for repair. Dave tears it down! See the new Sony Exmor-R image sensor. Ambarella A9 Chipset: TI TLV320AIC3212 Forum: EEVblog Main Web Site: The 2nd EEVblog Channel: Support the EEVblog through Patreon! […]

A look inside a “Hakko” soldering iron tip temperature tester.

I got this tester to check the temperature of various soldering irons. Having tried testing tip temperature with a normal thermocouple with very random results, I thought it would be quite interesting to see what was special about the thermocouple used specifically to test iron tips. Although labelled Hakko, I don’t know if it’s a […]

CuVoodoo #005 – MegaCode gate radio control receiver reverse engineering

MegaCode is a system provided by Linear LLC for controlling gates. This time I looked a the receiver. With my firmware it is possible to efficiently record the individual codes of other remote controls. comments are welcome on original post: source PC Board Copy – 4 Reasons Behind Offsite Fabrication A great many firms […]