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How to use NFC to pair your devices – Nordic Semiconductor

This is the easiest way to automatically pair two mobile devices! The only thing you need is a mobile device with NFC interface, and the latest nRF52 Series SoC from Nordic Semiconductor which integrates with ARM Cortex M4, Bluetooth Smart, and NFC. source

Bluetooth Smart pairing made simple – Nordic Semiconductor

The Nordic Semiconductor nRF52832 System-on-Chip has NFC™-A tag support included on chip. Bluetooth Smart pairing using NFC makes the process of pairing between two Bluetooth Smart devices much more straightforward. The nRF52832 is supported by the nRF52 SDK which has NFC libraries included. The NFC implementation remains highly flexible in software development and is easily […]

miniProject #1_1: nRF51822 based BLE Beacon: Basics of beacon and Beacon code

Welcome to Part1 of 1st video of EEminiprojects. In this video we will see what are beacons and we will also look at basic beacon code in keil MDK. Following are some useful links- keil MDK download- nRF go studio download- android studio download- SDK download- Few important links- source

Configurar Tag Point Beacon, por Rafa

Para te registrares en un equipo de formidable con binarios infinitos : Para se registrar numa equipa de sucesso com binarios sustentaveis infinitos : For registration in a team of success and with infinite sustainable binaries.. Facebook Profiles : source

Capítulo 21: Modelos 3D en Freecad para Kicad Los modelos 3D hechos con FreeCAD los podemos importar desde Kicad para generar la representación 3D de nuestros circuitos. Tanto FreeCAD como KiCAD son herramientas libres, que pertenecen al patrimonio tecnológico de la humanidad source

How is Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Beacon technology being used?

Find out the different types of beacons as well as the different ways BLE technology is helping different companies and where the future is headed. To learn more about Barcoding Inc.’s Active Asset Tracker (AAT)™ solution, visit: source