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Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co., Limited

Shenzhen iSmart Electronic Co. Ltd.. is a high-technology company which builds and manufactures Arduino gadgets, electronic components, robotics, Three-d printers, open source devices, nRF51822 Bluetooth LE modules, and so on. we are working together with academic institutions and technological institutions. And our business has designed a number of Smart Educational Products with independently owned intellectual property since 2009.

Our products have already been vended in many countries internationally, and own good praises from our buyers.

More importantly, we’re moreover focused on the development of Robot-making education in China and we wish to compile the sophisticated technology into the text, altering it as a lesson which is easier to master, add it into the adolescent activity, motivating the young adults and growing their talent of practice, logicality, and creativity. We embrace the company spirit of dependability, integrity and creativeness, maintain high-quality services, and to provides our followers with far better goods and services.

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We Understand That “Product Quality Is The Heart and soul Of An Company”

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Mobile Phone: +86-13620975435

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Addr.: Room 449, Minle Bld, Minle Village, Minzhi Street, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, China


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