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Model Number:
Brand Name:
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Power module
STM32F103C8T6 small system board
Supply current:
supply voltage:
Characteristic service:
STM32F103C8T6 small system board microcontroller core board
Selling Units:
Single item
Single package size:
1X1X1 cm
Single gross weight:
0.1 KG
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STM32F103C8T6 core board Golden Edition

Reminder: product send pin, but not welding oh!

When the main chip STM32F103C8T6 development board is out of the factory, each block has written the test program in advance. When the power is on, the LED light will be uniformly blinking, so as to check whether the development board is working properly.

Full set of data links: pan.baidu.com/s/1o7KcYIA password: x8f4 (providing circuit diagram)

L kernel:ARM 32BitCortexIt is-M3 CPU

The highest.72MHzworking frequency

Single-cycle multiplication and division of hardware.

L memory

From.64Kor128KByte flash program memory

– up20KByteSRAM

L clock, reset and power management

.2.0~Three6Volt power supply and I/O Pin

– power/Power down reset(POR/PDR)Programmable voltage monitoring


.4~16MHzcrystal oscillator

– embedded adjustable by factory8MHzTheRCoscillator

– embedded with calibration40kHzTheRCoscillator

– produceCPUClockedPLL

– with calibration function 32kHz RC oscillator

L low power consumption

And sleep, stop and standby mode

.V BATbyRTCBackup register power supply

L2individualTwelveBit analog to digital converter,1USConversion time(As many as16individual

– conversion range:0to3.6V

– double sample and hold function

The temperature sensor.



– support peripherals: timer, ADC, SPI,I 2 Cand


L up to EightyA quick I/O port

.26/37/51/80individualI/OMouth, all I/OThe mouth can be mapped to

16An external interrupt; almost all ports are tolerated5Vletter


L debug mode

Single – serial debugging(SWD)and JTAG Interface

L up toSevenTimer

.3individual16Bit timer, each timer has as many as4Used for

Input capture/Output comparison/PWMPulse counting channel

Incremental encoder input

.1individual16With dead zone control and emergency brake, used in motors

ControlledPWMAdvanced control timer

.2Watchdog timer(Independent and windowed)

System timer:24Bit decrement counter

L up toNineCommunication interface

– up2individualI 2 CInterface(SupportSMBus/PMBus)

– up3individualUSARTInterface(SupportISO7816Interface,

LIN, IrDA Interface and modem control)

As many as2individualSPIInterface(18Mposition/second)


.USB 2Full speed interface

LCRC Calculation unit, Ninety-six Bit chip unique code

Shipping list: X1 motherboard (send pin but not welding)

Size picture:

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